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Welcome to the databank of Topp Ten Co.,ltd.


This is the databank for VIP partners only, all the content is belonging to Topp Ten Co.,ltd, to avoid any infringe on intellectual property are everyone's responsibility, that means to publish your account and password to the internet like blog, facebook is not allow, send the contents to any competitor or give the account and password to any competitor or any potential competitor is not allow etc, every VIP partner has one account only,and you have the duty to protect your account to be save because this is the business secret between us, we are obliged to thank you for your kind attention in this matter.


What's the most important thing to us ?


To take care of the business for our partners is the most important thing to us, because we trust only when our partners' business is good and prosperous, we can be good and prosperous too, everything we would like to do is on the basis of assistance the business of our partners.


We committed to make better products with better packing, considering every small details,

to let you save more time and earn as more as you can,

to help you to be competitive with best quality and price,

to avoid any possible risk at the customs with you together etc.

we must admit that we think a lot of "how to provide only the best" everyday, to insure you could get best quality but lowest price for all kinds of goods from us.

We dont want to write a long story from 2010 to now, because we insist on dealing with mobile phone and tablet parts & accessories business and focus on provide the best only from that time,but we did made many important change from the following years, and thats why we are difference then other suppliers in China.

Important years for us:

what we change in this year 2016?

We are not only professional in iPhone, iPad , iPod products now,
sony, lenovo, huawei, xiaomi ect also become our mainly products now.
We have a big change from this year :
1. We move to a new big place with more people in shenzhen office.
2. We open selling account on amazon in America, Europe, Japan, ebay, wish etc. Also we are considering to become the supplier of amazon, Wal-Mart, baidu, 360 later.
3. This databank is building and setting, that means you can place order by yourself, and check the price more easier at anytime you want, though we are at sleep time.
4. We had more people who can speak German, Japanese etc to help the people who can't speak english.
5. A full new Porsche join in us this year, also we help many of our partners to growing their business from 500usd to over 10000usd, to opening new shops or move to new bigger office or shop.

We believe we can growing faster together because we know who we are, what we are doing and what the customers really care about.


What we change in this year 2017?


1. Products complete upgrade and improvement. Including to improve the quality standards, packaging design,testing process.

2. iPhone already very professional but we would like to improve in the details like quality thorough checks, better parcels, and provide better service.

3. Be more professional to Mix brands, for example all the sony screens and back covers send with adhesive to easier the repair process of you and your customers.

4. Focus on macbook integration, because macbook is complicated, that's why no so many people want to access this field,then it's a chance to us, we would like to integrate the quality and useful information to help you to occupy the market of macbook repair.

5. Our databank is being upgrading now according to the concludes from the experimental results during last few months,it can be faster and having more products after update. that means you can check the price and the latest information more easier at anytime you want, to place order by yourself at anytime by computer, iPad and mobile phone.

6. Our brand_ Weluv will being popularized this year. We had registered our own brand in United States, European Union and Japan, and made it being professional with brand official store.

7. Amazon would be our mainly platform to popularized our own brand, and we plan ask some professional local european to help for marketing promotion,to popularized the ideas of weluv.

8. Become the supplier of amazon, Wal-Mart, baidu, 360 etc is our mainly plan too in this year.

9. We have been analysed your feedbacks fully and carefully during the 2016,your feedbacks information help a lot to our improvement, our most important mission is try our best to help for your business,help you to open your new shops and enlarge your business during this year.


What we change in this year 2018?


1. Continue to focus on quality, this is the important job in this whole year.

2. Focus on better service, so that to help our customers business growing more stably.

3. Try to provide a more competitive platform for the promotion and development mechanisms to our staffs.

4. Brand Construction- WELUV, make something wonderful and apply for patent. Convey the Concept of WELUV_ to find the fun of life.

5. Extends more useful follow-up functions  to our database.

6. Strengthen the provision of various specialized product analysis topics.


What's the chance in this year 2019-2020?


I didn't want to tell a fascinating but long story from 2010 to 2020, but I want to let you sure we know how to insist to make things right, from now on we'll focus on to building our own brand-WELUV, also we are pleased to help you to doing this wonderful thing too. We insist on providing quality products and top service including:

1. For mobile phone: power bank, batter case, wireless charger, phone holder,car holder,screen protector,charger, usb cable, wireless earphone etc.

2. For home product: food scale, grow light, food fresh stuff, home theatre system, smart home products etc.

3. For children: camera,and electronic study tools ect.


 For Top quality One-Stop customized logo service,

Our service enable you :

1. Build up your own brand more easily

2. Use Best quality only

3. Enjoy fast shipment, top service

4. Release capital stress easily

5. Have more time to enjoy the fun of life


 For Normal WELUV Products RTS(Ready To Ship) Service:

1. MOQ: 1PCS only. Buy fast, sale fast and make money fast.

2. Shipment within 1-3 days.Help you test market conditions quickly.

3. Warranty time: 12 months.Good products make you no worry about after sales troubles.Though the order was already completed but our service will continue as long as you keep using our products.



1. Phones repaire parts.

2. Customized logo design on products(MOQ 100pcs)

3. Customized design on retail package(MOQ 100pcs)

4. Our company support drop shipping,amazon FBA shipping service

5. we get the TUV and alibaba verified,our products quality and service are certificated

6. Exclusive customized service(labeling,quality control,buying on behalf,sourcing,consignment etc.)


HELLO TOPTEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.which located in SHENZHEN is the branch company of TOPP TEN CO., LTD in HONGKONG.